Zoom in on coaching on your couch

Are you still wondering what the hell happened to life as we knew it? I certainly have those moments.

It seems in the current climate we all need more help and support as lives have been turned upside down. Both professionally and personally we have all been thrust into change that we were not prepared for. I, myself have gone through massive changes in the last 2 months, coming back to the UK from Antigua, the passing of my father and dealing with loss, grief, uncertainty all of the thoughts and feelings that come and go in a world that seems to have gone a little mad. For me my therapy has been movement, the more I move my body the more I feel at peace. Yoga, hiking and cycling are keystones of each and every day.

You have to find what works for you and then no matter what just it do, Nike certainly nailed that. Around the world people have been exercising, baking, quizzing, netflixing and of course some have been doing too much of the wrong or not so good things to, drinking, eating the wrong foods, getting stuck in the wrong mood etc. We have to help ourselves first and foremost it is just sometimes we can’t, or we seem unable too.

For many years I have been working face to face and on line with clients all over the world helping them to make changes wherever they are in the world. If you feel the need to have a conversation with a professional coach & therapist to help you make sense of life right now, then simply pop over to the get in touch page and let’s talk.

Change starts with you. Sometimes you need a helping hand to make the change. There is nothing wrong with saying you need help; believe me the last 2 months I have spoken to the people in my life who I know can and have helped me. I have listened to podcasts for my soul, my sanity. I have most of all kept my body, my mind moving as much as I can.

If you need help reach out it really is that simply, I am here, other people like me are here. You can chat from the comfort of your couch or on the move!


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