Zest for life

Today a girlfriend and I took the chance to sneak off for a quick girly catchup that was long overdue. We went to Sheer Rocks a fabulous restaurant bar, as it says in the title on the rocks overlooking the glorious turquoise Caribbean sea.

We ordered some food, and I asked for a large sparkling water with some lemon wedges as well.  When the waitress poured the water for my friend and I she gave us a small amount, like a shot size from a large bottle of water. I thought to myself how odd is that. Why pour such a small amount almost like a taster into a tumbler size glass. When the waitress went away, my friend shared the exact same thought, what a strange amount of water to pour.

I sat looking at the lemon in the water just sitting there, I had squeezed the delicious zesty juice into the sparkling water. I watched as the bubbles, danced and swirled, some pips seemed to be having a little dance at the bottom of the glass, swirling around.

As I looked at the glass of water, with the lemon and the pips dancing, it bought me to thinking about whether the glass is it quarter empty, or quarter full, it wasn’t even half full or empty! Then to the fact that there is large bottle of water on the table, there’s an opportunity to refill it.

If we took that as a metaphor for life, a meta for change we have ourselves to fill. How do we feel most days quarter full or quarter empty, full or drained?  There is always another bottle, there’s always more water.

We have an opportunity to decide to feel full or empty, it’s literally that easy. We are only ever empty if we chose to not put in the right things, experiences, friends, lovers, food, drinks, thoughts, feelings and behaviours, we literally fill or empty ourselves with these things.

It’s really that simple. Fill your self up with the right stuff.

Get zesty fill your life with the good stuff and remember you can always fill up on things to make you feel happy, healthy and vibrant.

Oh yes and of course the glass was not quarter full of water and the other 3/4 empty I suspect that had air in it, right which on a literal level is what we need to survive, a long with water. Ooh now that opens up another rabbit hole of thoughts and ideas.

With love n light get zesty. IMG_2738


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