Spinning a Web

I went for a lovely walk early this morning, it’s the time of the year in the UK where in the mornings it’s a little bit fresh, not quite warm enough for shorts and Birkenstocks  and nature is starting to move towards autumn already.  I found myself going down a country lane close to home with the dogs off leads, following their noses and munching on some of the grass that they seem to love.

As I looked over to one of the gates to the fields where often there are horses all I could see glinting at me through the hazy, misty sunlight were spiders webs.  Glistening with the morning dew, mysterious, fragile, strong,  intricate so much going on in those gossamer threads.

A spiders web is a great metaphor. A web that can be spun, despite it’s fragility it needs points for anchor, structure and support. All of those strands, self supporting and leading to one objective to set a trap to get fed, to get dinner. How many people spin a web of stories to catch the thing they want, to metaphorically get fed!! Then all of a sudden the web is gone, yet the anchor points often remain and the web will be re spun.

All of this thought just from seeing spiders webs, the way my mind works.

If you want to know more about me and how I work drop me an email. I am very good at unpicking the webs you might have got caught up in.



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