Shadows in our mind…

This morning I went for a beautiful stroll on the beach near to me.

It is part of Cades Reef, a nature reserve so it’s more natural and wild than sandy beach. It is a great place to get re connected with nature, to what is important, what matters and be at peace with self and nature.

Whilst wandering I spotted a great photo opportunity, the shadow of a Palm Tree in the sand; as soon as I looked at it, I thought that bad thoughts, sad thoughts etc. are simply shadows in our mind.  Now of course as soon as the sun moves a little the shadow will move or be gone, vanished.  Just like the thoughts that sometimes cloud our minds a slight shift, a move and the shadow/thought can be gone.

Often when working with clients I talk about moving, and this is a perfect example the more you move the more you can’t think or feel the same.

So, get moving remember the thoughts are just like shadows in your mind a simple shift in position both literal and metaphorical and the shadow has passed.

Let me know what you think.

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