Just say yes


Yes to life

I am saying yes to living, I am saying yes to loving, I am saying yes to everything that makes me feel alive. I am saying yes to things that I thought I would never say yes to.  Because why not? Because other people may judge me, look or think badly of me, not understand me? Who cares what they think this is about me living my life and saying yes to all the moments that will create future memories that will make me smile, laugh and yes maybe even cry.  They will be my yes, I lived my life my fucking way.

I see people every day who are compromised by their inability to say yes to what their hearts, minds and souls have been screaming for.  Yes, saying yes to things may get messy, it may get your heart broken and fractured into tiny pieces, it may make you feel uncomfortable, it may test you to the limits and you may find you are limitless.

If you thought that you could say yes to all the things that excite the fuck out of you, I am sure that you like me would say yes.

So why not just say yes?

So, what stops you? What keeps you stuck in a relationship that doesn’t serve you, a job you hate, a house you no longer enjoy and on and on. I will hazard a guess that a lot of the bullshit stories you are telling yourself on a loop to keep you stuck are what I said before bullshit.

Life is beautiful, messy, raw and magical and that is what we all deserve to feel, surely.

My mantra for many years now is to be your raw, honest, messy, naked truth, perfectly imperfect in all your authentic glory and fuck what they think.

Who wants to join me on that?!

If you find yourself saying yes then drop me an email at janishough31@gmail.com and let’s say yes to living, loving and thriving.




4 thoughts on “Just say yes

  1. I agree with you for I feel stacked but the words you are using which society term as bad words are offensive to me although I say them sometimes…I hate my job…my marriage is falling apart…I want to live in a more comfortable dwelling place but I feel stuck…I fear taking risks .. etc

    1. Hi Kimesha so you agree yet my words are offensive? I always find it interesting that people can be offended by words. It is more that what is the issue is the discomfort that the feeling created from the words is the issue? Just pondering

      1. Your content is quite motivating …It’s just the indecent adjective used to pronounce your message…..

      2. Words are just words. It is about how we use them and the importance we attach to them. A long time ago when I doing NLP training one of my trainers a very well respected, very smart woman in the field, start using what I shall refer to as the C word – do you understand which would I mean? C u next tuesday is the best way I can write so as not to offend you further. To start with I was appalled, and then I realised just like a thought bomb dropping in, it’s just a word. I decide, or more importantly many people have decided for you and planted the thoughts and feelings in you, HOW your react to the word. I challenged someone recently about the FUCK word. He said he was surprised that I used it as I did. In the context with him I was discussing something that I had caused me problems, and I was angry. It conveyed my anger. Equally as it was very clear he thought me attractive, I told him if I sidled up to him all girly like, fluttering my eyes at him and said in the most sexual way do you want to fuck, he probably would not have a problem. So for me it is the power of words, the intention behind the message. So therefore I implore people to get out of their own way and take the message. IF my message is to strong, scroll on. Have a great day.

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