Is life a dash or a gentle stroll

How do you walk through life?  At a fast pace in a hurry, or do you run from place to place, thing to thing.

It might seem a strange question yet I think it might be an insight to how we approach our life in general. Do we take our time, do we stroll, meander or are we so busy trying to chase different things that we actually miss so much of our life and what it has to teach, share and show us.

I have to say I feel like I walk bare foot through life taking my time careful to notice when I touch what seems to be hallowed ground. I want to walk gently, yet firmly, curiously.  I want to feel connected I want to feel grounded to what matters.  To the ethereal energy that ebbs and flows in different places.

I have previously found myself running at a pace that has meant I missed opportunities, experiences, people a multitude of things.  No more run Janis run.

The call is more walk purposefully walk with the sole aim of noticing all that there is to notice, or when I have my feet on the dashboard of life like in the picture I know equally it is not a dash to get to the end of the journey of life it’s to take my time to and to savior the moments, the learnings, the people, the sites the experiences that will have me wanting to slow down almost to snail’s pace so I truly get to enjoy it all, each and every step.

So that is how I want to walk and I want to walk side by side with likeminded friends.

Join me for a walk, it’s quite likely to be barefoot, it’s quite likely to be eye opening and most of all it will be with a free mind.


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