I’m giving up…


I am giving up.

Giving up on shit that is not mine.

Giving up on being there for everyone else.

Giving up on having to be strong.

Giving up on not feeling worthy.

Giving up on chasing people/opportunities that are not mine to have.

Giving up on always being OK.

Giving up on always being love and light.

Giving up on feeling so much (hmm this one will be hard)

I’m saying YES to what is right for me. Yep just me I am going to start to take the advice I often give my clients, be selfish.

If that is wrong for you well that is just the way it’s going to play out now.

I no longer will be pulled, pushed by my own ridiculous notions that things, people etc. will fall apart without me.  Because they won’t they will be fine they will have the experience that they are supposed to have.

Because the truth is without me being here more for me I will fall apart, again.

I have already fallen apart and put myself back together more times than I can remember.  Each time with a new learning, new knowledge.  It’s just that this being human means I forget the things I learnt and sometimes, just like so many I find myself repeating the same shit.

Then I have to go so far down the rabbit hole before I wake the FUCK up.

Those of you who know me well will know this is how I do being Janis. Those that do not know me may just recognise yourself.

It’s time for a change, it’s time for an upgrade for a new way of being.

This is me saying I am giving up a whole bunch of shit so I can take up some new ways of being, some new ways of living, loving and thriving.  Because I have to work on myself and maybe just maybe I have forgotten that I need to feed myself in order to feed others.  I have to water the seeds and see them flourish.

So, here’s to giving up it feels fabulous already.

If you want to know more on how to give up for all the right reasons drop me a message.



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