F what they think

It’s time. It’s time you showed up being you. Not some dumbed down cookie cutter version that you have been programmed to be.

Fuck that!  You were not put here to be like everyone else, you were not here to be mediocre, to blend in, were you?

Maybe you believe you were because you are being like everyone else around you. You are being fed the same story, the one that says you should aspire to have this, that, be this way that way in order to fit in to the ‘box’ that has been made for you and thousands of others.

How very dare you consider that you may wish to be different to follow your path, or make your own path. You do not have to follow the well-trodden way, do you?  You can make your own way on your own terms, surely.

You may have to take a leap of faith, of belief of trusting yourself yet I believe you can, you CAN. It takes courage, it takes belief, it takes guts, it takes balls even if your’e a woman, it takes hunger, it takes love for yourself.  To step out of the ‘cookie cutter’ model. It takes you saying fuck it to the indoctrinated way of thinking, feeling. You are so busy believing what someone else has told you, chasing what someone else has told you to chase, the right job, the right car the right relationship that you can’t even think for yourself and feel for yourself.

You owe yourself to be who you choose. No more playing safe, no more staying small. I often refer to this time as the awakening the time when you just can’t ignore the voices in your head, you know the ones that say there must be more to life that this? I must be able to do more than work 9 – 5 to pay bills to buy stuff that someone else has told me I need.

It’s time to de clutter both your mind and your space. To get clarity. Time to drop the shit, literally dump it.

Imagine how free you can start to feel and be if you let go of all the stuff others have been imposing on you.  Start now, because life is here now for you. Stop worrying what others will think of you, after all it’s none of your business.

Your business is what you think of you.

Look at yourself through the eyes of love, and be kind and kick arse all at the same time. I am really good at holding magical space for clients then putting my Doc Martens on and shit kicking where it is needed.

If you want help with the process of being you then reach out maybe we can work together to create YOU on your terms, as long as you like raw, naked, honest truth and change and accountability!


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