Do Less Be More

Life work life balance is what you have to gift to yourself, it is not an entitlement or benefit it is a mindset you need to create to value your self. 

The title above is more commonly read as work life balance, that sucks! I just took some time out to speak with a client who is currently giving over all her time to the work life, forgetting to remember herself!

I have been saying for a very long time now it is about life work life balance. I want life before work and life after work. No one has more right to my time than me, unless I decide to devalue myself.

None of us can go to the store and by some more time, to replace, minutes, hours, days, months or years that we have given over to others. You might say that someone is paying handsomely for your time, yet really what is the value, is it a monetary exchange that really has value for you? You get paid X amount for your time yet I know so many who do not have the physical time to spend the monies in a way that you would truly value, because they have valued the time they give to work as more important.

Every time I work with a client they are paying me for some ‘time’ from my life that I will never get back, that means that the criteria that I set, the boundaries I set when working with clients will be very clear. You pay for my time I value my time, do not waste it. I routinely tell clients I will not chase them because my time is more valuable. I have a life to lead that I wish to experience fully if they don’t value my time how can they value their own?

Are you giving above and beyond to your employer, to your own business? Are you working on the business and in the business, are you cognisant of your own value?

I encourage you to take some time to consider how you use your time, how you allow others to abuse your time and take the time back! That saying time stands still for no man, is so true you are here for a short time make it count!

Now it’s time for me to get back to having good times with family and friends. Those are the times I shall choose to treasure.


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