I’m back, did you notice I was gone?

I have been absent, I have been missing!

I am back I am ready to start sharing more again.

If you are going to read what I have to share you need to know my rules of engagement

I will speak from my heart

It will be loving, happy, sad, motivational, inspirational, funny,  passionate, rude, humble it will be my truth in all its gritty glory

The word FUCK will be used if that offends you find something else to read

I will talk about subjects that some people don’t want to hear about yet need to

I will call you out on your bullshit and I will call myself out on my own bullshit too – ouch yes I will catch my self

I will talk real talk, not false, not fake

It will cover every topic you can imagine and hopefully many you can’t

I look forward to sharing and hope that you will enjoy what I choose to share from this wonderful thing called life or my experience of it.

One love to you all

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