Conversations that feed you

Conversations we all have them yet how many conversations do you have that feed you?

By that I mean that give you a heart rush, a head rush, new perspective, a change of thought, feeling or behaviour.
How many days go where you have no real connection through conversation?

One of the human conditions is to seek connection, I have always found that in meaningful conversations.

For me it has always been to sit and converse, to hear, to share, to reason to discuss to get into the heart of the matter, to laugh, scratch my head, to ponder.

To converse, to connect, to create, to celebrate sharing of thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

This tree captures me every time I see it, it calls me over to ponder wheat stories it has. Oh, how I wish it could talk to me.
I know some of the stories would hurt my head and heart some of the stories would make me laugh. All of the stories would help to guide me on my journey here on Mother Earth.

If I could go back in time, I would have paid more attention to some conversation I have had, and I would have actively sought out some people to sit and converse with before they left this early space.

That said 2021 for me is about conversations that connect us if you fancy a chat then let me know.

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