Celebrating ourselves through written word

Three authors a new voice and a magical setting it was guaranteed to be a great evening. The Shed lived up to expectations as it always does, it just has this magical feeling that embraces you. With the sea set below us, verdant green hills it simply has an energy that is contagious in a great way.

As soon as anyone steps into The Shed they are already planning the next visit. The evening was a collaboration between myself and author Brenda Lee Brown who shares some of the same passion for me of sharing passion, purpose, your gifts whatever you want to call it. The evening was lovely with an intimate feeling to it, the authors alongside Brenda were Kimolisa Mings and Joanne C Hillhouse and the new voice was Sherona McAlmont.

Three authors with different styles and vibes to share with Sherona in the midst of that as a rising star one to watch out for. We were all saying that in years to come we will be saying you heard her here first! She was also gifted with words of wisdom from the three authors.

It was such a resounding success that we already have plans afoot for the next one in September with 3 authors already on board for that. It really is lovely to live in a space where creativity and self-expression abounds, and also that those people want to pay it forwards to others.

Make sure to look out for the next one in September.


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