Shadows in our mind…

This morning I went for a beautiful stroll on the beach near to me. It is part of Cades Reef, a nature reserve so it’s more natural and wild than sandy beach. It is a great place to get re connected with nature, to what is important, what matters and be at peace with self […]

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This messy life

It’s messy this life.  It’s often full of joy, happiness, love, laughter, pain, hurt, sadness grief.  These are all emotions that make us human that makes life so fucking messy at times that it feels like your heart is going to burst with pure joy or is being ripped from your very being. So how […]

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Time Out a one day course

Time out is a one day course to give you the chance to take a pause from all the ‘stuff’  that is going on in your life, that drains you. A time for you to step off the treadmill, a time to forget all the things you should be doing, a time to stop stressing. […]

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