Burn the Box with Janis and Nicci

JanisandNicci Burn the Box

January the 20th saw such growth and fun in The Shed. Nicci and I finally got our shit together and we delivered our first collaborative event, BURN THE BOX – GET THE LIFE YOU WANT.

Being the unique individuals that we are many of you wondered how we would meld together, and the answer is easily and effortlessly.  We both have our own styles and although on some surface levels may seem very different we are the perfect combination.

Below is some of what we put in our ‘pitch’ and it was so refreshing that we got we were looking for, people who were willing to be uncomfortable, to be unconventional and to put in some real heart to get the results and change that they had been saying they wanted.

burnthebox crew
* You’ve tried to follow gurus and expert advice with little or no results.
* You’ve read a mountain of self-help books, blogs and podcasts.
* You’ve had it with looking on the bright side of crappy situations.
* You are yearning for more but tormented by that inner critic whispering “it’s impossible” or “you can’t do that!”

You need a ‘tuff-love’, no BS space to think and take action.
Janis, The Head Mechanic and Nicole, The HR Rule Breaker have you covered.

If reading any of this scares you then move on, scroll on we are not for you.  We are not for the faint hearted who want just fluffy love and strokes, although we do give that.  We also come with our boots on.

Sherpa style! Covert linguistic skills by me and the creative HR savvy of Nicci.

We had the most amazing women and again the photos will speak for themselves, as will the testimonies that will be here soon.  We had a day of creating change and space followed by a 21 day mastermind group with a magical last 45 minute laser coaching session with Nicci and I!

bunthe box working view


Magic happened, change happened, shift happened!  If you want a slice of that then the next Burn the Box is happening on Saturday 14th April at The Shed contact me here for more information, unless of course you want to stay stuck.


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