Burn the Box 2

I just had the pleasure of working with Nicole on our Burn the Box2 event where we join forces to actively engage participants to get unstuck, to take charge of their brains for a change and build in accountability and action taking.

Nicole walked in to my life via social media.  We were both actively engaged on a particular post with regard to fear holding people back, and we were both sharing our opinions’ slightly different ones.  We did a little bit of Facebook jousting, then agreed to face off in real life off Facebook the rest is history.

We jokingly share the tale that she showed up with a mango, to weaken me, the mango was so good to be fair it was a done deal.  We have opinions and beliefs that on some levels are exactly the same, and on others not.  The beauty of our growing friendship and workship is that we are both able to listen, hear acknowledge and know when the other is right.  That right there is priceless. We also have shared many other moments when it damn clear that the universe knew we should be ‘together’ ha, we have now found a way by combining and creating Burn the Box.

Nicole is a HR creative and she is that and so much more and I am the head mechanic and yeah so much more. We complement each other so well, we have developed a harmonious kick butt, clarity installing way of working together.  We are guides to take you onwards on your journey, all we have is what we bring to each interaction. If you are looking for frills and diplomacy, and bullshit stroking of your ego you need not come to our events.  If on the other hand you have an overwhelming desire to get unstuck, to learn to use your brain for a change to be a better version of you, to be youniquely you in all your messy, raw, authentic, truth then we are for you.

With the ability to poke and prod where you need it starting with your brain first and how it works then moving on to accountability and action. That is us. If you want the mainstream blah blah approach then we are not for you. If you want to be allowed to stay in your comfort of discomfort and have the agh poor you, we are not for you.

Take a look at the words we use to introduce the event I think it gives you the feel for sure.

The Head Mechanic and The HR Rule Breaker invite you to BURN THE BOX 2 – GET THE LIFE YOU WANT.

You’ve tried to follow gurus and self-styled expert advice with no results.
You’ve read a mountain of self-help books, blogs and podcasts.
You’ve had it with looking on the bright side of crappy situations.
You’re over being that little ray of sunshine – to be fine with it all.
You are yearning for more but tormented by that inner critic whispering “it’s impossible” or “you can’t do that!”
‘tuff-love’, no BS space to think and take action

We are not trainers, facilitators, gurus nor experts. We are more akin to skilled coaches and expert sherpas with the experienced and highly skilled guides of the Himalayas famous for helping adventurers on mountain climbing expeditions – guides if you will – your guides for this journey in to life.

I think you are getting the idea of who we are for! Rule breakers, dare devils, those who want to create their own boundaries, those who want to buck the system a little or a lot, live outside of the box, break free from the propaganda that is fed to you since birth on what defines success either personally or professionally.

We are creating a tribe of fellow journey folk who want to live like they only have one life to live, oops shit you do in this guise!

Take a look at the photos I think they speak for themselves. If you want to find out more drop me a note here and I will get back to you.

If you want to vibe with our tribe reach out.


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