BLISS an alchemy of art

Ever since settling in Antigua I have been amazed by the amount of artists, and creatives on this relatively small island. It still continues to surprise me most weeks I hear about somebody doing something that I just would not have expected on the island. 

I have always wanted there to be something a little bit different on the island, not the normal fete that happens. I love the idea of blending creativity and art together to form an alchemy such as BLISS.  This is purely selfish I am scratching my own itch here, yet what is exciting is how many people want to join in and be part of BLISS.  If you want to know more about it then pop over to facebook and check out our page BLISS at The Shed Sugar Ridge or drop me a comment here or call me.

With tickets costing $50 USD available from me or via TickeTing for a most amazing mix of  sensory interactive arts, music, dance, spoken word, fire ball and so much more  it really is one to come along to for something completely different.





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