About Time

Time the simplest of things. Once our time is up, we are done our current experience in this guise here on earth is done. You might not be able to directly influence the flow of time, yet you can influence how you spend your time.

“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend


How much time do you waste? Do you know? Are you aware?

I went old school between Christmas and New Year, I got my watches back out. I have 3 really cool fossil faces with a selection of straps. I had stopped wearing them years ago as I didn’t want to be governed by checking the time. I then realised that I was inadvertently using my phone to check the time and then that phone was stealing my time!! How rude!

I genuinely feel like I have got some time back. Simply by wearing my watch. Now you might wonder what I am doing with that time.  I have increased my reading and re reading of books, I have boosted my podcast listening also.  In what could be termed my down time, to me paradoxically my uptime I am adding great brain juice. I am learning new things; I am reminding myself of things I might have forgotten. I am enjoying my time more in real time.

Poets talk about time as if it were a thief, scientists refer to it as the 4th dimension, we as mere mortals often just say there is not enough of it. What a valuable resource it appears to be. Imagine how rich you could be if you could bottle it and sell it on amazon! You’d be a billionaire overnight!!

One simple little change that I truly feel is life changing, a ripple effect, for me in 2020 thus far. Long may it continue; long may my time be left in this current guise.

If you think it’s your time, time for a change and your’e not sure how to change then it might be time to  reach out  to me.

Let’s  talk about how you can be having the time of your life, every day.


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