About Janis

With over 15 years in practice working with people all over the world I help you to make the changes  with a no nonsense approach to change work and therapy I am passionate about cutting through the stories you are stuck in to help you create the change you deserve.

I started on a journey of self discovery some 18 years ago, well that is when I became aware of the journey, or aware enough to make changes in my life.  This journey of life, of change, of growth of wanting to fully experience so many things, to question the imposed thinking that the majority follow. To find a way to live a more connected way to live more with less.  To be and do Janis at her best.

For the past 18 years my  purpose has been to help as many people as I can to live a life on their terms.  To flourish, to be true to themselves, be loving, be kind, be strong, be gentle to BE the best version of themselves.

Janis get’s right to the heart of the matter, no idle chat. Her direct & human approach is just what we all need if we truly want to change.    Jane UK

I currently spend my time between the UK  & Antigua and Barbuda which is a small Caribbean Island in the West Indies; it feels like a spiritual home to me, it is like I belong to the fabric of it somehow.

My business card  in Antigua says ‘head mechanic’ the simplest way that I can answer what I do.  I take a peek under the bonnet, take a look at your unconscious mind, often by by passing the conscious mind to see how better you can be, by using your brain for a ‘change’.

Janis simply helped me at a time when I thought I simply could not go on. With her super direct approach of no bullshit yet as she says the  ‘hold you in magical space’ or ‘kick your butt’ my world is now back on track. She is my mentor, my friend my sister from another mister. She is Janis   DD Antigua.

Change is all you ever are. How far can a change go?

Everything that you have access to here is inspired by my journey, my learning’s, my growing. I touch on the themes of personal development, health, change, forgiveness, spiritual faith, happiness, motivation, gratitude and letting go.

It is all encompassed by a desire to share so that you too like me can choose your path, your journey and trust that you are perfect and it is all happening the way it was meant to.

One session with Janis and the coke habit which had been destroying my life for over 15 years was put into perspective. A few sessions later and I realised I could have a life without ‘coke’.  Transformative, heart stompingly raw and authentic. Just a few words to describe how I feel about Janis and the way she works.  Rebekah UK

Now that I have told you how I got here I guess I should tell you more about the ‘boring’ bits so you know what my background is from a training point of view. I am solution focused in my approach and draw from a host of human potential technologies.  Before following my passion for change I had a corporate career spanning many years in Europe. My choice to change was in my final position working in Special Education and simply seeing that institutionalised out dated thinking was holding back students who already had the odds stacked against them from traditional thinking and programming. Enough of that here’s the juice you want to know.

I am internationally licensed ,certified, accredited and qualified in the following:

  • NLP – Practitioner/Master and Trainer – (SNLP) 
  • NHR/DHE/ – (SNLP)
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis – (HNLP)
  • TFT Trainer – (ATFT)
  • IEMT 
  • PPT 
  • Humanistic NLP
  • Life Coach

I have attended many many seminars and workshops hosted by people such as Richard Bandler, John La Valle, Paul McKenna, Andrew Austin, Nick Kemp,  Neale Donald Walsh, Michael Neill, Tony Robbins, Kevin Laye, David Deida, Dr Roger Callahan, to name but a few.

I have to warn you I am not for the faint hearted. If you want real change I am the one for you, if you just want to talk about change and your drama please scroll on.

My time is valuable what ever time I give you I do not get back.  So if you want to work with me then drop me a message to janishough31@gmail.com now we can work in person, or in the virtual world of  Zoom, FaceTime and WhatsApp either way you get to change.